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  • ​There’s no need to sell anything - you can get paid just for having people enter their email address into a form.
  • ​There’s nothing to ship - with e-commerce systems you need to ship things and it can get very tedious.
  • ​You DON’T need money to see results. It’s very easy to get people to enter their email into a form compared to trying to sell to them.
  • ​You don’t need to deal with customers. They are someone else’s problem. Once their fill out the CPA offers, you are paid and your job is done. Time to keep earning more commissions.

​Can't Fail CPA in Again ! 5 Steps to Success...

Pallob Ghosh gone from a dead end job - to pulling in over 4K/monthly consistently...

His secret?  Promoting CPA offers...

Now I am showing you how you can pull in 140/day -- day after day...

In under 60 minutes of really simple work...

Completely newbie friendly...

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CPA --  the way I show you -- is the dream online business...

  • no products to create...
  • no technical expertise needed...
  • and, best yet -- you'll see how to pick the BEST CPA offers -- the ones which will make you money...

...and you'll know how to avoid making costly, deadly mistakes...

You'll see how easy it is to bank 3 figures in 24 hours...

Just follow the simple 5 steps shown in their step-by-step training...

Dear Warriors, how would you like to spend just 60 mins a day on some basic set up & then see quick CPA profits?

  • Quick results
  • Newbie friendly
  • Easy set up
  • Rinse & repeat
  • Free traffic

I know we have all been there before, endless eBooks and software clogging up our hard drive, that promise the moon and the stars, and then the excitement turns to disappointment after you put in the hard work and you don't get the results as promised..

Is there an easier way to live the life you want and deserve ?

>>> You can be set up in no time at all and see results within 24 hours.

Today I am really excited to announce my proven money making twist...

I am now happy to pull the curtain back on this method and allow Warriors to grab a piece of the pie since there is enough for everyone to go around.

This has nothing to do with the following:

  • Painstakingly slow SEO
  • Begging for likes
  • Cold calling businesses that don't want to speak to you
  • Paid ads
  • Writing for days on end
  • Anything dark that will hurt your conscience
  • Waiting weeks to see a profit
  • You wont get banned from anywhere

Honestly this is so easy every GREEN newbie could do it, if you can put your shoes on in the morning by yourself, you can do this too and bank quick cash.

CPA And My Secret Traffic Source...

If you don’t know what CPA is...then here's a quick overview…

This is one of the few methods where you get paid without having to sell ANYTHING.

You get paid to bring leads to other businesses...

whether they buy anything or not!

So you can get paid for simply getting.

That means with this hands off method, you DO NOT need to do any:


Traffic Problems Solved With My Perfect Traffic Source

The problem is getting free traffic is too tough…

SEO is too risky…

I needed a way to get fast traffic for FREE and EVERGREEN that wasn’t expensive FB ads or outdated Google ads…

So I finally found the best traffic source...

I have been profiting on total autopilot ever since…

And I reveal exactly how to build your passive income machines using my traffic source, step by step, so ANYONE can do it

Consistent Daily Profits with Simple 45 Min​utes of Setup!

This CPA profits formula is a TRIED-AND-TESTED technique that makes HUGE daily profits, with just a small amount of time, and a MINISCULE amount of effort

You can make money within 24 hours with CPA , and set up is under 45 minutes

These traffic streams are QUICK and BRAND NEW, and I’ll show you how to get started for free, so you don’t need a cent to get the ball rolling

Generate $140 per day today, plough back as much as you want, and scale up fast!

​With CPA, there’s no need to deal with a lot of things that make other systems so complicated.

​My System Is Only 5 Steps...

  1. Take ACTION to get access (Don't waste you time)
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​What You’ll Discover Inside These... “Newbie To Overnight CPA Superhero”

  • ​How I set up a CPA cash machine in under 45 minutes
  • ​These easy techniques unleash a SWARM of  free traffic that converts to cash, within 24 hours or less
  • ​The little-known secret that makes this 5 steps of CPA completely different from ANYTHING you’ve seen before
  • ​Follow along step-by-step as I make $140.60 within 24 hours of set up, and $295 within 48 hours, using this CPA method..
  • ​How to rinse and repeat CPA secret and scale up - replace your mind-numbing 9-5 within weeks
  • ​Discover my covert tactics that will take you from newbie to CPA superhero OVERNIGHT

Who is Needed This 5 Steps to CPA Profits Formula ?

  • ​Anyone who doesn’t have thousands to spend on paid traffic
  • ​Anyone sick and tired of getting burned with FB ads, Adwords, and other pricey options
  • ​Anyone looking to get easy free high converting traffic
  • ​Anyone who wants to build passive profits online

5 Steps to CPA Profits Will Make You Money Or Get A Full Refund

If for any reason during the first 30 days, you implement my techniques, show me proof of implementation (remember, I show you how to get your traffic setup and running for FREE), and you cannot make your investment back, get in touch with me and you will get a fast, courteous and FULL refund. No strings attached. No hard feelings. No risk whatsoever – You either get results with 5 Steps to CPA Profits or you get your money back.

As you can clearly see, you have absolutely nothing to lose. The risk is all on me. In other words, no matter what price I charge, it’s utterly irrelevant…

Because if 5 Steps to CPA Profits doesn’t make you money, you don’t pay! That’s how confident am I that you can take our proven strategy, and copy and paste your way to the same success as me.

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When you gain access to my simple formula, you’ll be able to replicate our exact formula for zero cost into dollars with the most simple and straight-forward SECRET strategies yet.

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That’s something I stand by. You WILL get results with my system.

You never even have to worry about promoting a niche you don’t like. There’s an endless amount of niches that my method works with.

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​Check ​Out ​Some of ​The ​Latest ​Reviews of ​Other ​Users...

​Great method. I really was scare but thanks it will work i have seen its potential. I just felt like telling you that this ​CPA method is working for me (after 2 days of implementing it). BTW Livingston's support is great, i.e. he is very responsive in case you need his help.

​Devid John ​Digital Marketer

​The process is laid out in a straight forward way with no fluff or filler. Just the way I like it! Everything was easy to follow and I had the whole thing set up fairly quick.I made my first sale after only ​3 days! Really excited about that! There is directions for scaling this once set up, and I can definitely see that being do-able. Thanks for this great method! I'll work on scaling now and see how that goes. 

​Bithi Karmakar- ​Affiliate Marketer

​Finally, a training program that not only tells the reader what to do, but tells them EXACTLY how to do it.It's dead simple and it gets you to money fast.There's no reaching out to top bloggers in your niche, guest posting, or any of the other methods that seem to have diminishing results.f you're anything like me and have been sitting on the sidelines for too long, waiting for something that works, something that will get you to money fast, and something that you can implement quickly, Well done, Ivy

​Rama Bose Blogger

​super simple way to get you on your way to earn $1​40+/days! How do I know this? Well this is a method that I used and still use with a variation, so it 100% works,100% of the time! ​Ivy goes through each section in great detail so you cannot go wrong, from how to set up each element and to where to go to get the relevant parts required, it really is a hands on approach.This is about making sales in the MMO niche and again Dave shows you how to get affiliate products and how to get access to them.Dave also goes through the paid an free traffic route and the free route is very interesting indeed and something I never used. As an example I used the free traffic and received 330 views over 3 days on my offer... not bad!

​FM Saikat - ​Internet Marketer

​Everything is laid out step by step, and is easy for the newest of newbies to do, while still allowing the seasoned marketer to take this and run with it with no problems.There is no investment required, no special skills needed, and it has the potential to make decent income fairly quickly.I'm excited to implement this and see results!

​G.Pall ​Online Marketer

​You get a specific method that has the potential to put thousands of dollars in your pocket, and all you have to do is follow the steps to a tee. Everything is laid out from beginning to end. Dave gives you specific examples, which shows he knows what he is talking about, and also makes this "brain-dead" easy to implement.

​Sirajul Islam - ​Affiliate Marketer

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​​I REALLY want you to get results…

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​New Untapped FREE CPA Marketing Banks Your Account $200+/Day..Set up, forget, enjoy the profits​Do some simple “work” once and keep getting paid over and over…

​F​ast Action Bonus #2 : Facebook CPA

​If you haven't yet tried using Facebook as your advertising hub, then it should be your next place to do so. Facebook has got millions of eyeballs on their platform on a daily basis, and you can start to tap in on those users.

​F​ast Action Bonus #3 : CPA Profits On Demand

​This 6-part video course will teach you everything you're needing to know about CPA and be making money from the process. Within this video course you're going to learn some of the following: Find CPA Offer, Build a squeeze page, Make the CPA Offer and thank you page, Drive traffic and Email your list.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can this get saturated ?

      =>> It’s impossible, you will see why on the inside.

  • Does this have anything to do with …… site ?

=>> This will be fully covered in the course and you are protected by a no quibble money back guarantee.

  • Are there any upsells ?

=>> Absolutely not, this is a monkey business free zone, everything you need is the main guide.

  • I never had success with CPA will this work for me ?

    =>> Without a doubt, this is extremely newbie friendly, nobody gets left behind.

  • How many time I have to work per day ?

      =>> It's about 60 minutes, It's enough to go...after you first set up.

  • How much can I earn per day ?

    =>> If you have no skills about CPA marketing, it's doesn't matter anyone can make $140/day very easily and quickly.

​When you click below, you’ll get the ENTIRE '5 Steps to CPA Profits' method for a ridiculously low one-time fee.​

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P.S. Remember, you won’t be able to find my exact FREE secret formula elsewhere. It was developed by me personally, and I haven’t revealed it until now. The courses that all teach the same rehashed methods that don’t work will always be there for you, but they won’t give you what I am giving to you inside 5 Steps to CPA Profits. That’s why I made this course to begin with.

P.P.S. I remember the pain of losing money with CPA when I started. I don’t want you to keep suffering through that. You will be amazed at how quickly that pain turns to happiness and success when you follow my simple formula. See you on the inside :)

P.P.P.S You are protected by a full no questions asked money back guarantee

​Wish your success, 

Ivy Livingston

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