4 Brand New Coaching Programs
You Can Automate and
Use as Your Own

Dear Marketer:

Over the course of the last 2 years, Sean has taught 4 amazing coaching programs, and he has never released these for client use . . . .

Instead of releasing these one at a time, He has decided to bundle all 4 together in one amazing package . .

You can literally run 4 quarterly coaching programs this year, or combine it all into one big coaching program . . .

this series is cutting edge, and his latest coaching training (and in fact, may be his last ever)

Here is what you get:

1) 6 Week Total Online Business Coaching Program($2000)

This training will teach you how he personally build an online business from A-Z.

In this rare live recorded 6 week training program, he taught deeply his system and process PLUS he created an amazing step by step print lesson series that teaches his entire system from A-Z . . .

This can EASILY be structured as a 6 week or even 12 week (break each lesson into 2) coaching program . . .

2) 8 Week Coaching Traffic Training Program ($500)

This is cutting edge - these are the traffic sources that are WORKING for 2020 with an ALL-NEW Approach -

You can release this next week if you want as your own 8 week coaching traffic training program.

3) 4 Week Blitz Basic Info Business Coaching ($300)

This is for beginners, so if you want a drop-down coaching program, or something you can use as an entry coaching program for beginners, this is really easy to use!

Your clients will learn the entire Core Implemenation Online Business Model, create a squeeze page, they will learn the $5k System, the $10k System, they will build a foundation in their online business.

This is NOT as advanced as the 6 Week Total Coaching Program . . but this is very very good to break down for an entry campaign to build trust on your list!

4) 6 Week Coaching Business Coaching Program ( $400)

That's right - this is a full coaching program that teaches someone to create THEIR OWN COACHING PROGRAM!

I believe this is one-of-a-kind - no one teaches this like this!

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