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Hey, This Is Ashraful Saikat

I am basically warrior+plus vendor along with affiliate marketer. About 2 months ago, I was studying different traffic methods all together.

And a new idea came into my head that I can get huge amount of free traffic to any offers. So I implemented the formula.

And in 2 days I started to see result and in 30 days I hit the $120/day only with this method and it's TRAFFIC !

So, I decided to share it as I am a vendor ! and This method can apply on any niche and no chance to saturate in next 10 years at least. So I have nothing to lose by sharing but I can sell the method, right ?

That's why I packaged this method as product !


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This method involves full traffic control as you know Traffic is the heart of any method. If you have no traffic, your every method is wasted.

That's why I like this method as we have not to WORRY about traffic anymore !

We use a SIMPLE unique way to get unlimited HIGHLY targeted traffic in matters of time and day by day we will get more traffic and sales !

Each and Every Niche will work with this traffic method but I will show you the EXACT offers and system what I have done to get the above Results !

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If anyone follow this exactly and just spend 20-25 minutes for this continue....

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InstaFollowr is a 100% unique way that makes RELIABLE
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I. Livingstone

IM Expert

InstaFollowr is as easy as posting on facebook. It's easy to understand, It's easy to implement and It's easy to get traffic, leads and sales... Thanks Ashraful for this awesome strategy..

W. Motley

Vendor at W+

Whether you are newbie or experienced , You need this as it produces extra traffic.

And extra traffic always produces extra sales and profits.

So, Don't let this opportunity pass by you.

G. Pall


InstaFollowr is simply Amazing !

It blew me away how easy this system is.

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  • Traffic or Paid Ads - Free Traffic Strategy is built in
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  • Learning how to code, design or write sales copy

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You can automate the whole InstaFollowr System.

I think Ashraful Saikat has revealed something special which really brings results very fast.

InstaFollowr will show you how to tap into a huge market where people are making thousands of dollars!

Ritthy Garcia Affiliate Marketer

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InstaFollowr is a proven solution for anyone to drive free traffic each day while building passive income streams on the side.

There's a LOT under the system: the unique system, tools, over-the-shoulder video guides & case study … so we first thought of charging $197 for the package.

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What is InstaFollowr ?
It's a fresh & proven system for delivering high-quality traffic to an unlimited audience of marketers and let the buyers find you.

What’s included with InstaFollowr ?
The COMPLETE over the shoulder video series which outlines the entire method.

The required tools and resources.

Done for you campaigns to get results faster even.

Is the InstaFollowr money-making system really 100% newbie-friendly?
Absolutely. If you can open a web page and browse the internet, you have all the skills you'll need.

No coding, no design or advanced skills needed - we've tested this system extensively and even brand new beginners have used it to create life-changing income.

Will This Software Work On My Device?
For sure. It's 100% automated to run on ANY platform: Mac, PC, desktop or mobile. ​

What About Traffic?
This is the beauty of this method.Endless amount of free traffic starts in 24 hours. You won't be paying for ads, posting on forums, or doing painful SEO. The beauty of this method is the buyers FIND YOU.

How Long Does It Take To Make Money?
Results will vary based on effort - but in most cases our beginner students started seeing 3+ figure daily profits anywhere from 3-7 days after initial setup.

Does This Work In Any Niche?
For sure! Wherever there are buyers, there are marketers - and InstaFollowr targets marketers in ANY niche.

This is a GREAT way to turn your hobby into cash - pick a niche you're interested in, follow along and get paid doing something you love.