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    From the desk of Jonathan,

    First of all, I'm NOT 100% reliant on Amazon for my income.

    I have my own audience and my own mailing list - that means if Amazon suddenly doesn't want me anymore, I've got my own contacts, my own audience, and my own loyal fans.

    It's EASY to get ANYTHING I need for my business - contacts, connections, JV agreements, cash loans - because I have real world credentials from one of the most recognized sources in the world.

    And if I ever feel like expanding my business OFFLINE, which I've done in the past - well, you can knock a small business owner with a feather when you show them your certificates from Amazon, or your real books on a web-page they can see.

    You do NOT need to look over your shoulder for Amazon's next crackdown, and you don't need to be a killer writing machine with insomnia to take advantage of this.

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    There are plenty of authors who make a little money on Amazon. And I do the same stuff they're doing.

    I make sure to sell Kindle books, physical paperbacks, and audiobooks that buyers can listen to in their cars.

    But I also do more than that.

    I offer concierge services that my customer can buy to make their path easier, I offer followup training based on the "next logical step" they might take after finishing my class, and I offer personal coaching for people that need a little extra OOMPH in their business.

    I have the experience and success to wrestle Amazon and every competitor in your category into complete submission.

    What You'll Learn:

    • Create and sell Kindle eBooks and have FUN doing it!
    • Understand how eBooks work and how you can leverage them to create passive income
    • Choose a great subject for your eBook
    • How to Write an eBook or Hire Writers to Write an eBook for you
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    • Add a title, keywords and a description that will help your book get found
    • Create a quality cover for your eBook for next to nothing
    • Learn how to roll the income from your first book or books into hiring writers to create eBooks for you
    • And a lot more...

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    • You do not need a list or to know how to build it.
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