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    Traffic Is FREE And Built Into The Amazon  Platform ​(When You Do Things The Right Way)
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    ​You Can Build A Massive Passive Income ​(Get Paid While You Sleep)
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    ​(You Don’t Need To Have Experience Or Be A Writer When You It this Way) Anyone Can Do It

It is a course that teaches you how to create a REAL online business that brings in true passive income.

This is an introductory price and it will increase without warning.

​Are you willing to do what it takes to change your life?

​This course really does simplify the process to the point that I believe absolutely anybody can have success with this business model, no matter how many times you’ve failed at making money online in the past.

All you need to do is be willing to learn, have a positive attitude, and be ready to do what it takes!

I want to work with people who are serious about changing their lives.

So if you're ready to make this work, then I'd LOVE to ​teach you!

Around 80% of e-books sold are currently purchased through Amazon Kindle!

That presents a huge opportunity for anyone publishing on Amazon. Absolutely anybody can easily publish a book on Amazon, which has totally changed the publishing industry forever.

This presents an amazing opportunity for you!

With my method, you don’t even have to write the books yourself!  

You will simply learn how to select an amazing niche, how to create a book on the topic through outsourcing the process, and then how to make your book sell.

Once your book is live on Amazon, it will passively bring you income..

Did I mention that I only spend about 1 hour per week maintaining my portfolio of over 100+ ebooks?

​ Publishing is simply THE BEST way for beginners to start making money online..

Now it will take a bit of time to get started and get your book published in the first place, but once you’ve gone through the publishing process and have your book on Amazon, it will be almost completely passive!

Then, you can just continue to publish more and more books and build up ​ Publishing empire of your own!

​From: FM S​agar (Author, True Income Teach)

Subject: True Income Teach.

Dear future successful e-book author,

 The internet is a goldmine ready to be exploited.  You, I and any person know that.  The truth is, the fastest way to start generating money online is by writing and publishing your very own e-books.

Luckily for you, I will show you how you can do this.

I know, sounds too good to be true, but I promise that by the time you finish reading this brief message, you will know exactly HOW.

I won’t beat around the bush and market myself like most do, mainly because this is about YOU and how you can finally start writing your own best-selling books.  

​Over the last few years I’ve published dozens of books in many niches.

​ I’ve also written best-selling Kindle books that have generated me thousands of dollars on complete autopilot and have been wildly acclaimed (the book is still generating me sales, even when I’m comfortably sleeping in my bed at night).

Now, trust me when I say that I can truly show you how I’m able to write best-selling books .

And the funny thing is that I’m not even a good writer!

I can promise you that the system that you’re getting access to works for everyone, and once you see how easy it is to write a book (even if you’re not a good writer) you will literally become an addict to churn out book after book!

If You're Finally Ready to Start Making True Income Online, This is EXACTLY What You've Been Looking For...

If there's one thing I know, it's how to make money self publishing on Amazon.

True Income Teach is something anyone can do, even if you're a beginner or you've struggled to make money online up until now.

In fact, It's one of the easiest money-makers that I've ever seen!

You'll never have to spend money on hosting, traffic, content or even build a website!

So if you're someone who just wants to build a profitable business that runs on its own, this is for you!

Let me give you a quick run down. I promise, I'm not bragging for the hell of it, I just want you to understand why True Income had me at hello. :)

“I'll be really upfront with you. Those 3 words could change everything you know about making money online.

Because this incredible opportunity eliminates all of the usual costs, confusion and hassles.”

I have been quietly making THOUSANDS of dollars per month in my spare time with a very simple  method.

Just Look At These Results…

With True Income Teach , you can also create books within minutes that go on to sell for years to come! 

In fact, the process is so simple, it can be broken down into just 4 easy steps:

Step 1: Create your books.

 Create your best-selling books. This takes less than 15 minutes with my pre-created toolbox.

​Step 2: Upload your books

Upload your books to Amazon KDP .(You can also sell on Lulu, Etsy, etc!)

​Step 3: Inject your listing

Inject your listing with powerful sales triggers.

Step 4: Rinse & Repeat to maximize your True income!

"A  complete course...."

"This course is absolutely hands down the most complete course on this topic I have seen. She covers every aspect of getting your self publishing empire up and running."

- Ben Moote(Marketer)

"Advanced course...."

"​"True Income Teach" helped me get started when I knew absolutely nothing about publishing. Even without a list, I made sales the very first day I published my book. Th​is advanced course content is something I have never seen offered elsewhere. I am amazed by the amount of value Sagar provides for a fraction of the cost of other courses."

- ​Bakerah(​Publisher)

The truth is, if you can follow my simple set of instructions, you can make money just like this:

It’s Consistently Making Money Like This Month After Month Like This...

And This....

And Here’s How Much Made The Past Few Weeks...

We know you get a lot of emails about various methods and business opportunities that promise to change your life and make you a lot of money quickly.

You’ve very likely even tried some of these methods.

Unfortunately, most of the methods and courses out there give you a short PDF or a handful of videos and leave you to pretty much figure things out from there.

This is totally different…

You get everything you need to start from ZERO and build a 4-5 figure monthly income…

...that’s mostly passive.

This Method Is Easy… Look What You’ll Discover Inside


We’ll go through them one-by-one with examples ,you just follow that and get result hand to hand

Start off with the most popular genres, which included
When you are first getting started as a publisher, you'll Change name page and focus on offering mobile-only books in Kindle format, but once you've gained some experience publishing your stories, you can then expand your outreach by publishing via paperback as well.

MORE eBooks For You
Here You'll Get Access to More  eBook ​ and Create Your Books Less Than 15 Minutes With My Pre-Created Toolbox.

What Would You Do With An Extra Few Thousand Dollars Every Month?


It just doesn't get any easier than this!

If You Made This Much Every Month In Your Spare Time, What Would Change In Your Life?

""I would have paid triple for this information and I'm so excited to be part of the FB group Sagar has set up for ongoing training! he even reveals the top niches he's making money in which very few people do!""

- Edward Toscano (Internet Marketer)

"This is a fantastic course. Just the resources alone are worth the price. Great job Sagar!."

- Bithi Karmakar(IT Consultant)


"Sagar did a dynamite job with his course. What stands out for me is how much training he shared on doing research and finding keywords the right way. This is what people need to know to increase their sales!"

- Ashrafull(CEO at Perfect Passion LLC)

What You’ll Discover Inside This Powerful Training Course...

  • You get everything you need to go from ZERO to $5,000 in your pocket within the next 27 days…
  • You don’t need any prior experience, and everything is outlined in an easy-to-follow, over-the-shoulder format that makes it easy to follow along and get success FAST.
  • Once you start making money, you’ll discover how to quickly scale things up without spending a lot of time working on your business .
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    If you have 30 minutes per day, you can change your life with this.
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    Imagine getting paid 6, 12, even 24 months from now for some simple work you did today.
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    That’s the TRUE Internet Lifestyle.

And don’t for a minute think that you’ve seen this all before..

"Are you starting to see why people are so excited about this business?"


True Income Teach is the NEW Kindle Goldrush. If you were around for the start of self publishing on Amazon, then you know how incredibly profitable this opportunity is!


So, I want you to get in early and start dominating those insanely profitable niches.


That's why I created a fully-Step by Step course that gives you EVERYTHING you need to start making money on Amazon.


Get Instant Access to True Income Teach!

This is an introductory price and it will increase without warning.

"Hi Sagar, I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with True Income Teaches course! High quality materials, information and resources! I've barely scratched the surface on digging into it, but have learned so much already!"

- Ivy Livingston (Online Marketer)

"I expose the real, proven strategies that I've personally used to generate thousands of dollars month with True Income Teach."

- William Motley (IT Consultant)


"Thanks so much for what you've shared! Just like others have said, IT'S WELL WORTH THE MONEY--and MORE!"

- Katha (Student)

With ​"True Income Teach", You'll be Able To: 

​You'll Get The Secret to MASSIVE Business Success... 

​The key to true business success is leveraging a SYSTEM that will produce income for you without having to do the work. All the biggest and most profitable businesses in the world know this. If you want to know how to MASSIVELY SCALE UP your business you'll have to be able to first identify your most profitable steps and then build a system to run the rest.

 You'll have those steps and the system with ​"True Income Teach".

​You'll Get Predictable Results, Every Time...  

​Following a step by step system will allow you to get PREDICTABLE RESULTS. How would your business be different if you could actually determine how much money you could make each month?  The power of a system is DUPLICATION. If you use the system to multiply and duplicate your efforts then you can predict bigger and better results: like more income!

​You'll Create Opportunities For Even More Income...    

​The single biggest factor in becoming wealthy and accomplishing your dreams is having MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME.  

Not only will Kindle Autopilot show you how to create multiple streams of income within your current self-publishing business, but with the EXTRA TIME and EXTRA MONEY your publishing business will create, you'll now have MORE OPPORTUNITIES to go use your time and effort to produce multiple streams of income.  

You don't have to be confided to just self-publishing. With the skills you'll learn from ​"True Income Teach" you can expand your money making pursuits beyond what you ever thought possible!

​Create True Passive Income You Can Enjoy...    

​Too many people work IN their publishing business when they should be working ON their publishing business.  If you ever want to truly enjoy your passive income, you have to have the safety and security of knowing that your business is being run AND producing income while you aren't working.  ​

​"True Income Teach"  will give you that SECURITY and PEACE OF MIND so you can go and enjoy living the life of your dreams!


​Flood your bank account with royalty payments!

Make True money in evergreen niches that always sell!

Set & Forget! This is truly passive income!

Get started with VERY little upfront cost! 

Let’s Recap Everything You Get Today With True Income Teach…

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    Step-By-Step Training - Value = $497
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    Bonus #1 Kindle Case Study - Value = $197
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    Bonus #2 Secret Kindle Strategy - Value = $197
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    Bonus #3 Finding FREE eBooks For Your Kindle - Value = $197

Total Real World Value = $1,088

​However, I will tell you is that this is an introductory price and it will increase without warning.


Get Instant Access to Our Product!

 This is an introductory price and it will increase without warning.

This Different Than Every Other Training Course You’ve Ever Seen On True Income Teach…

  • There’s no fluff just to make this course seem longer… everything inside is easy-to-follow, useful, and it will make you money​.
  • This method is PROVEN and has made me over $xxxx  in the past 6 months. 
  • Most courses this in-depth will set you back hundreds of dollars… (You’ll get in for WAY less today)
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    We’re walking the walk…  with this method,  we're going to show you how you can do the EXACT same thing...
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    True Income Teach is something anyone can do, even if you're a beginner or you've struggled to make money online up until now.
    In fact, It's one of the easiest money-makers that I've ever seen!

Would Making Money Like This Month After Month Change Your Life?

30 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.We’re willing to take on ALL of the risk because we know just how powerful this really is.

Of course, if for ANY reason this isn’t for you, just send us an email, and we’ll get you a refund..

If for any reason, you don’t think this training is worth MANY times your tiny investment today, we don’t want your money. Just send us an email, and we’ll get you a refund…


What’s "True Income Teach" All About?

​Is This A Newbie-Friendly Method?

​How Much Time Daily Do I Need To Do This?

​Need A Budget For Traffic?

​How Much Money Can I Make With This?

​Is There A Guarantee?

This is an introductory price and it will increase without warning.